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May 16, 2007

Queeroes! Superman's Fetishes Part 1

Everyone knows Batman's kinky. If you read the first post on Batman and Robin, you could see Batman spanking Robin a lot for no apparent reason. Not to mention the fact that he likes to use tights.

It is also a given that Wonderwoman's kinky. Woman + Magic lasso = Kink Heaven. Not to mention the fact that she goes around cavorting in a very flimsy outfit.

But no one would ever connect kinkiness with Superman, despite his superweaving, superlandscaping and super make-up. This is because Superman is the ultimate boyscout.... or is he? These pictures will prove that Superman and his "wife" Lois are kinkier then Batman, Robin and Wonderwoman.

As a boy, Superman was.. well... his parents were..... uhh.... look at the pictures.

This early introduction to spanking, led to even more.... deviant practices.


This Spanking....
Finally led to Bondage and Domination...

Check this out in Superman's Fetishes Part 2. Coming soon!


empress maruja said...

Ang landi ni Superboy huh!

NicoTheHornyChubChaser said...


Q you bad boy!



Q The Conqueror said...

@maruja - malandi talaga yan! grabeh!

@nico - ikaw diyan ang kinky, tingnan mo! hahahahaaha.