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Aug 31, 2007

Queeroes! Tarzan of the Apes

Tarzan. He was raised by apes, they say. Brought up in their customs and their beliefs, he is at times, more animal then man. Our story starts when one day, Tarzan sees something extraordinarily beautiful...

Hugging the tree he called home tightly, he felt his loins stirring up. And as he gazed at this beautiful spectacle, he couldn't help but move in an upward and downward motion. Making love to the tree as he watched from a distance.

Tarzan would do anything for his new-found love. But, first, he would have to get to know this stranger who made his heart throb.

Ingeniously, Tarzan thought of a way to get close to his lover.... No monkey can resist a banana., especially one as long and as white as Tarzan's.
And the monkeys and apes came in droves, delighted at the prospect of partaking of Tarzan's long sweet fruit and perhaps getting a sip from the golden fountain. He played with all the apes, treating each one equally, trying to learn more about his absent loved one.
Until finally, the being that captured Tarzan's heart arrived. And Tarzan gave it everything it needed and everything it wanted, letting it partake of Tarzan's fruit as much as it wanted, any time of the day.
Then the little primate started falling hard for Tarzan, despite his hairless body. It couldn't resist Tarzan's sweet fruits nor Tarzan's charm. It noticed the way Tarzan looked at it, and it blushed. Wishing for more. They got to know each other more. Days passed as they lived together, and the little primate growing more and more into the Chimpanzee it is. Tarzan and his lover started exploring each others thoughts and slowly realizing that despite their different evolutionary paths, they had a lot in common.
It wasn't long before they explored the forest together and became...

Tarzan and his Chimp. The stuff of legends.
It was the Chimp, out of his love, who taught Tarzan the language of the other creatures of the forest.

Without Chimp, Tarzan wouldn't have met so many diverse creatures and experienced such ecstasy. Indeed, he is Tarzan...

Tarzan of the Apes.