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May 4, 2007

Queeroes! The Beginning of the Gay Adventures of Batman and Robin

This post is dedicated to the Batbunny, the biggest (literally and figuratively) Batman fan I know. And who is also in perpetual denial about Batman's homosexuality. His stand is: "Robin may be gay. But not Batman!"

Once upon a time, a wealthy billionaire, himself an orphan, decided to adopt a young acrobat whose parents were murdered brutally.

The young boy, who lived most of his life in the circus, was suddenly living in wealth. However, not everything was perfect.
The boy was punished regularly.

However, he was also rigorously trained in by the billionaire in martial arts, acrobatics, detective skills, among other things. Finally, the Billionaire revealed himself as no other then... The Batman, and he said that the boy was to be his sidekick. He called him "Robin."

And his training was brought to new heights. The b illionaire loved it when the boy displayed his flawless legs, so he dressed him in no more then a shirt, a cape, a mask and green briefs.
However, the boy was becoming too uppity, so the billionaire showed him his place.
Numerous spankings later, the boy.... no... Robin, learned his place and became a useful part of Batman's life.
He also learned why Batman (see panel 2), spanked him for no reason at all... It was fun!
Finally, Robin beat his mentor in his own game.
and together, they had many wonderful adventures. Riding beasts together *hint*, and defeating evil villains.
And no matter how bad the previous night, they always woke up in each others arms.
Still have any doubts about Batman's sexuality? :))

To come in the next episode of QUEEROES!:
Trouble in Paradise! Someone will try to pull Batman and Robin apart!
The Spider-Man sex show (or whatever you call it nowadays).

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