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May 1, 2007

An Introduction from the Conqueror


On this quiescent night, a queer personage of a loquacious nature, equipped with his quill and a quarterpounder full of quickwitted quips, starts this soliloquy of his quests and quibbles; of quarrels and bouts of pique; and of the quandaries and quagmires he quashes and conquers everyday.

On a higher note, this querulous old queen aspires to find an answer to the quintessential questions which confronts the common queer. Rest assured, that every query and inquiry will be treated equitably and quickly, and the equivalent explanations therein be of premier quality.

And now, to quell the quivering of the quizzical reader who experiences the accumulation of Qs in this quadripartite introduction to this blog. This quixotic queer has the audacity to ask the populace to call him by the sobriquet of Q the Conqueror.


joelmcvie said...

Dear Q,

Wow! Quite an intro. Now say the whole thing very fast three times, and I'll make sure you'll play the titular character in the movie version.


Q The Conqueror said...


That was one of the few times I actually cracked the dictionary open to look for words with Q that would fit. :)) lol. Don't worry, I'm practicing reciting it already for a flawless performance.