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Jun 13, 2008

Adieu, Adieu... A Message from Q

Over a year ago, there was a conqueror who was queer and confused.

So he started to write about events in his life, the little joys he found in it, and the things which pissed him off.

Of course, this was a form of therapy for him.

Along the way, he gained friends (some of whom he communicates with only through YM), enemies and a pet Civet who he had kids with, all while conquering the rigors of school and the real world.

And then the conqueror realized, that well, he couldn't maintain a blog anymore because the real world needed conquering and well, the gay blogging world had sufficient conquerors already. Moreso, the problems which were relevant to him a year ago... just didn't exist anymore or just lost their relevance.

To all my good blogging friends/inspirations: Misterhubs, Migs, McVie, AJ, LoudCloud, Sofia & Pisanu, Wilted Prune, John Rotschild, Paolo, Empress Maruja (and fine, I include you here, Ocelot). And whoever I forgot: The other silent readers, fans (If I have any but I'm dreaming) and the blogging community:

This blog was one hell of a bumpy ride.

Eew. That was so cliche.

:) To those who know my YM, you could contact me there and to those who dont, you could e-mail me asking for it. Hehe. So at least, the adventures continue, on personal messenger, mayhap.

So with that, the conqueror sings a song for you:

So long,
It's time to say goodbye.