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May 5, 2007

Queeroes! The Queer Adventures of Spiderman- Spiderman and Aunt May

In celebration of Mother's day next week, I put in the spotlight a mother figure in the comic world - Spiderman's Aunt May.

Aunt May was born May Reilly in Brooklyn. After the death of her brother-in-law and his wife, she and her husband, Ben Parker, adopted their son Peter and raised him. Although she was afraid at first and thought that Peter would be the end of her marriage, she warmed up to him and became a true mother to him.

When Peter grew up and entered the Daily Bugle as a freelance photographer, she was afraid because her nephew was tracking Spiderman and taking pictures of him. When she finally learns about the fact that he is, in fact, Spiderman, they tell each other their deepest secrets and enter into a stronger relationship.

Lately, during Marvel's Civil War series, Peter brings Aunt May and Mary Jane to live with him inti Stark Towers, the home of the Avengers. Aunt May and MJ both convince Peter to reveal his identity to the world in order to push the importance of the superhuman registration act (the crux of the Civil War, wherein the government wants superheroes to register themselves and pitted Captain America, Luke Cage and some others versus Iron Man, Spiderman, Mr. Fantastic and the government). However, later on, Peter has a change of heart and realizes how dangerous registering actually is. He extracts MJ and Aunt May secretly from Stark Towers and goes underground, supporting the cause of Captain America. Unfortunately, Aunt May was shot by a sniper who was hired by the Kingpin (one of Spidey's enemies), and is now in the hospital still in a coma.

Now, on to the story:
Disclaimer: Although these comic covers and panels are taken from actual Marvel Comics, the following story is of my own invention and is not connected to Marvel Comics.

As usual, Spiderman is beating up some thugs. When all of a sudden... He is attacked from behind!
He is then captured, and the men have their way with him. When they were done, they collected all the white stuff and slowly drip it on him, wanting him to drown in cum.

Fortunately, Spiderman is strong! He is able to escape his sticky prison. He then goes home, still dripping with the very gooey white stuff which was left up his ass and all over his body.
Unfortunately, he leaves tracks all over his house, and his poor old Aunt May accidentally touches it.
Oh My GOD! Aunt MAY! The combination of all that cum and sweat of the radioactive Spiderman's body is enough to take over Aunt May and it fully coats her...

into a female version of the SILVER SURFER! (Now, we know why the Silver Surfer is so.... silver.) :))

Yes, yes, we all wish it could have been us that touched (and maybe tasted) whatsoever went out of Peter's room.

ADVANCED HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY EVERYBODY! (of course, included ang mga bading diyan, we all know that we have the best mothering instincts.)

To the creature known as Mika Mouse: You're still a mouse, no matter how macho you become. It's the curse of knowing me. Hahahaha. Just look at the Bomb Queen, she will always be a Bomb Queen no matter what she says. (It doesn't hurt that she is so.... bombastique) :P

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Anonymous said...

you know, i've always had a fetish with spider man in his tight suit. :-)

Q The Conqueror said...

@Pao- Lol. I've got a pic here of spidey doing another spidey @_@. Kinda disturbing. hahaha. Abangan sa susunod na installment ng Queer Adventures of Spiderman!